Sunday, February 26, 2012

a sneaky peek and an award.

My sister and I hosted our baby sister's baby shower yesterday!  I'll share more pics and details tomorrow, but I couldn't resist this little sneak peek:

We "awarded" her belly, lol.  I used the PTI loopsy daisy die to make the medallion and cut the ribbon tail out of cardstock free-hand.  Everything was all pink and grey yesterday, to celebrate her due-in-just-one-more-month-baby-girl!

And, speaking of awards, I've been awarded one by Kara.  Liebster' is German for 'dearest'. The award is a 'share-the-love' arrangement, given to inspirational bloggers with less than 200 followers. 

Here's the to-do list of any Liebster award recipient:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your five blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog (see above)
4. Hope that those you award forward it to their favorite bloggers.

My award is passed on to:

Thanks, Kara, for encouraging me with this award, and I hope you leave some love for my top 5 picks!


  1. Elena you are so sweet. Thank you for passing along this award to me, I am very honored. Also, that is a super cute ribbon you made for the baby shower! :)

  2. Elena, you made my day! Thank you so very much for passing this away along to me! :) Love the award ribbon for the baby shower. I have been wanting that die since it came out, and this may have pushed me over the edge! I love that you awarded her baby belly. Adorable! :)

  3. The award ribbon is fabulous!!! + Thanks sooo much Elena - you made my day - but also caused me trouble - which I'll write about in my e-mail (-:
    Have a wonderful day - hugs, Karin

  4. What a fun ribbon!! I bet it looked great on the mom-to-be's belly! And congrats on the award. I can't wait to see more details of the baby shower.

  5. Wow, that ribbon for your sister's belly is just too cute :) I bet that the shower had tons of other handmade elements, too, I hope we'll get to see them, too! And congrats on the Liebster Award, I just received one too :)

  6. Elena, you are the sweetest!!! I am also so glad I found your blog - I love your creations, and your style is so beautiful. I am inspired by every post!

    This picture of your sister's belly is ADORABLE. What a great idea! I can't wait to see more, because I think you and I have party planning in common... ;)

  7. Thanks, you! I love your blog so.