Thursday, February 16, 2012

thank you card set + things-my-kids-said thursdays.

Hi peeps!

I think the constant crafting for the PTI anniversary tired me out a bit.  While I gather whatever's left of my card-making-mojo, here's a "thank you" card set I made for Thomas' preschool teacher as part of her Christmas gift.

The sentiment stamp is a freebie I got for ordering from the lawn fawn store - love that!

And now, I must admit to being flabbergasted when Sofia (age 6) announced that she'd like to bathe in hot chocolate... be cleansed and sip away all at the same time... "it would be delicious and creamy, and I think I would love it."  That's the dream, kid... that's the dream.

Thanks for peeking!


  1. Wouldn't mind a chocolate bath (-:!!! Sounds yummy! Your cards are wonderful and so trendy . hexagons seem to be the newest thing - absolutely fabulous! Have a great day, hugs, Karin

  2. My girly-kid yesterday (age 6) started a sentence the following way: "Omigoodness, like, seriously, literally..." I have no idea what she said after that, but did ask her is she knows what 'literally' means. I then proceeded (much to her chagrin) to explain the difference between 'figuratively' and 'literally'. I'm guessing she'll never start a sentence like that again. (One can hope, right?)

    Is it time for my chocolate bath yet?

  3. It is drawn and delicious as we speak, madam. And seriously, literally, hilarious Eva story! That kid.... In the same vein, Maia yelled "i'm serious!" when thomas wouldn't move his legs out of her way. "literally" is about a year away, then, right?

    1. You just reminded me that Evangelina exclaimed, "She's hilariously cute!" the other day...but I don't remember where or why. Yes, Maia is not far behind, for sure. (I love when Maia yells.)

  4. Your daughter is a girl after my own heart. Love her. Sweet card set--I hear you about being worn out. I'm trying to catch up on life today. And, no one has said anything cute around here lately, although I did have a very nice Valentines dinner with my oldest on the 14th, as the family festivities were postponed due to daughter #2's unexpected soccer commitment. Tonight is the night of hubby's big dinner, so I'm looking forward to that.

  5. omg...i think i might like it too:) what an adorable thing to say! love your cards too!!

  6. Oh my, a chocolate bath. I think I would love that too. And great cards, love the hexagon shapes!!

  7. Love your card! the honey comb is so huge these days ;-)

  8. Love the cards!

    The other day, I asked my daughter(4) what color her hair was? Brown. Her eyes? Brown. Her brother's (7 months) eyes? Blue. His hair? Regular. She also said, "Daddy might wrap your Valentine's present or keep it regular. I love it when she says things are regular.