Monday, April 28, 2014

BBQ party invitations.

Happy Monday!

We celebrated Thomas' 7th birthday with a hamburger-themed birthday party this past Saturday.

I used absolutely no stamps for these invites, but they still look perfectly handmade.  I purchased 2 silhouette files: the starburst background and the hamburger.

To make the hamburger look more like a stamp, I gave it a black outline.  I did the same for all of the lettering.  Once it was printed, I swiped in some shading with copic markers and sponged all of the edges.

For some reason, half of the invites printed with the "you're invited" right above the burger, and the other half with a space between the two elements. Like I said, I'm no digital expert. ha.

I'll share pictures of the party tomorrow, but here's a sneak that I already shared on facebook:

Yup. A giant hamburger cake. My friend said I made him crave chocolate cake and 5 Guys Burgers all at once. You're welcome, hee hee.



  1. It looks amazing! He deserves an amazing party for suffering through all that 'light' chinese torture!

  2. Um. Yeah. You're awesome. That is all. ;)

  3. Oh this is so awesome. I wish I can have your to design my girl's party!

  4. So awesome! I love both the invitation and the hamburger cake!!! Great job, Elena!