Monday, April 9, 2012

diy monster stuffie

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!  We celebrated, ate, I held my niece, ate and ate some more... oof!  I'm thinking I might not need to see food until dinnertime today :)

Sooo, last week I posted the invitations for Thomas' upcoming monster party.  And the stuffies I made as party favors.  Since then, 2 things happened: I got several emails asking how I made them, and Sofia begged me for a pink version.  Tutorial, anyone?

A caveat: I don't sew.  This is a tutorial (with pretty awful pictures because Sofia was "helping" me make her monster) from a beginner sewer for other beginners.

 I used a hot pink fleece scarf lying around (that I'm proud to say still had the 0.25$ price tag, hee hee).  Once I sketched out my monster template (um, I can't draw either, did I mention that?) I traced around it with some chalk and cut out 2 monster heads/bodies. Set aside.

Unless your monster is a bit.... different.... you will need 2 arms and 2 legs.  I've found the easiest way to do it is to draw your arms/legs onto the fabric, stitch around and THEN cut them out.  Avoids the whole "grrr, my machine is eating the fabric!" rant... *rolls eyes*

Flip the arms and legs right-side-out, stuff them, and set them aside.  Cut felt for the eye, nose and mouth and pin everything down. Sew it.

Ok, so now she's looking all kinds of awkward, but this is how you want to position the arms/legs for sewing the entire monster together.  After piling the arms and legs inside, created a monster sandwich by placing the other body piece on top, pining everything together and sewing around, leaving an opening at the top so you could flip her right-side-out.  Oh, and see the button-eye peeking out?  Yeah, remember to sew everything onto the face before proceeding to this step :)

And.... ta-da!  I stuffed her, and closed her up at the the top.  Added a flower as per Sofia's guidance :)

Thanks for peeking!


  1. Grrrrrreat girrrrrrrrly monsterrrrrrrrr! (Yeah, I'm done with that now.) ♥it.

  2. EEEEEEeeee, I'm so doing this with my girls - thanks for the tips! Fabulous project!
    Caryn xxx

  3. adorable! im not surprised she wanted one too:) so cute!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. This is really darling. My youngest is allergic to pink, and this monster might just scare the living daylights out of her, if she found it tucked into her bed.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! This is awesome!

  6. Ho-LEE adorable.

    You give awesome party favours - I have to remember these things for when I have kids coming to our parties!

    By the way - speaking of - I found the BEST things for Emma's party favours.. Skinny Cow makes single serve ice creams; they have the *cutest* little tubs. I'll spray paint them, tutu them up, and make tags, then fill with candy!! I can't wait to show you!

  7. Eeeeeeeek! Thisilittle monster is too cute to be scary!!
    Awesome job. :)