Friday, January 20, 2012

a crafty break: lunchtime.

Part of being a stay-at-home mom, I think, is acting as your family's historian.  I mean, who else will document and be able to re-tell what life was like?  What it was all about during their childhood years?  When they get all angry and teenagery on me, I want to be able to show them what really happened.  It's as much for my protection as it is for nostalgia's sake...

I hope you'll forgive me this crafty break, but sometimes I feel like sharing something other than cards :)

This is the anatomy of a lunch-hour with miss Maia, age 20 months.

What'll it be today, Maia?  A peanut-butter sandwich (she's very vocal and determined to get what she wants.  On little things like what to eat for lunch and what to wear for the day, I'm already indulging her.)

A customary inspection of the meal usually ensues.

Pouring water on her food.  It also usually comes to this.

The now soggy sandwich no longer looks very appetizing.

The feet.  At the beginning of lunch, the feet are both dangling.  But, inevitably when the food becomes boring, one foot disappears from its proper position...

And finds itself here.  The peanut-butter sandwich takes a distant second place to looking for toe-lint.  So gross.

How'd you like me now.  

and the sandwich?  all over the floor.  start the lunch-time dance all over, mom.

nobody said it would be easy all the time, but nobody prepared me for how hilarious it can be, either.  

be back with some cards later today, promise.


  1. In her defence, she has to have the cutest toes and feet on the planet. Without exception.

    If it wasn't socially in-appropriate, and wouldn't result in a call to the police, I would do the same in public if I had her feet :)

  2. Cutest post ever! Great way to start my morning. :) Maia is ADORABLE!

  3. ♥. That is all I have to say.

  4. You made me smile today. Thanks for that. Good for you for capturing the every day. You will be so happy later that you did.

  5. how sweet is she?? love this break and little peek into your life:)

  6. Elena, you having me laughing! Yes, we become the family historians. Although I am not a stay at home mom, that's what we become. My daughter never soaked her lunch in water, however, she would dip things into her water cup like french fries or potatoe chips and still eat them. Her feet inevitably ended up resting on the dinner table as she reclined in her highchair. Thanks for sharing!