Monday, October 31, 2011

A crafty break: henderson harbor mini-getaway

Just thought I'd share the reason why there isn't a card on my blog this morning :)  We met up with another family of 5 and shared a lake-front-cottage for the weekend.  It was loud and so much fun!

the view from our balcony of lake ontario

trying to figure out where our friends are at!

late nights made for some cranky mornings :)

nothing that a delicious zucchini bread can't fix (thank you, Paula Dean!)

mmmm.... why can't we get this stuff in Canada?!

smoothies for the kids

and lots of giggling thrown in...

walks on the beach, all bundled up

our weekend home

practicing our cursive writing...

all the kids, minus Maia.  And yes, Liam is quite the little poser!

roasting marshmellows in the fire-pit

chubby bunny.

so calming and beautiful

marshmellow faces

so cute, hee hee!

silly faces, and zoolander on the left...

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  1. What a nice weekend you must have had. I did notice your absence. Looking forward to seeing you get crafty again. Happy Halloween.