Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A handmade Christmas, part 2.

A few weeks ago, I shared my plan to make a black apple doll for each of my 3 kidlets.  The first rag-doll was for my son.  Click *here* for the original post.

Here's the cutie going to my eldest daughter.  I made the pattern (found on Martha Stewart's website) slightly bigger, since she's the big sister.

Isn't she sweet?  I gave her pigtails, by cutting a few felt hearts with my PTI dies...

Pink legs!  And...

A sweet little ruffled apron.

Sofia can take it off if she doesn't like it.

Big sister and little brother.  So cute.

But, just so you don't think this was all a walk in the park, I'd like you to meet someone else.

You poor, sad looking doll.  Thank you for teaching me a few things and for donating your legs to Sofia's new doll.  You crushed my spirit for a few hours, but I still love you...


  1. First of all, her hair is adorbs, even if she's a frankenbaby! "You crushed my spirit for a few hours" = me, laughing out loud.

  2. Elena you post totaly had me lol-ing !!

    I think this is such a beautiful thing you are doing. I can imagine the dolls being lovingly handed down to grandchildren....priceless !!

  3. These are wonderful, Elena! Your kids will cherish them...

  4. Those dolls are so cute. I love the apron with the heart, and the hair accessory. I'm sure your kids will love them. Even the one you had to sacrifice is pretty cute. I think we'll see a revived form of her at some point.

  5. Absolutely adorable. Love the apron. Your daughter is going to Lo e her. The photo of the two dolls is priceless. Thanks for sharing your trials too as we all have them.

  6. These are fabulous! Can I say that I am a little jealous?... yes, I am jealous! Great job!

  7. How sweet!!! Love her piggy tails and that sweet little apron!!

  8. Amazing. These are so darling. Your quippy narrative is the best though. Thoroughly enjoyable post. I need these dollies!

  9. Very nice. I also think this pattern should be a little bigger. Do you have this pattern in that bigger scale?