Wednesday, June 15, 2011

countdown to dad, part 3.

In planning for Father's Day, I couldn't let it go by without creating a few decorations.  I think I love decorating for a party even more than making cards (blasphemy!)  I get to make pretty things and keep them up in my home until I get tired of seeing them...

I didn't want to get carried away (I'm still recovering from the last 3 parties I threw at our house!)  So, a few things to plaster on our giant cork board will set the perfect festive tone...  A sweet little surprise that he can look at while eating his special breakfast (yeah, I'm making him come down the stairs... the whole eating-in-bed thing is overrated, isn't it?)

These medallions are really fun and easy to make.  I've never done a tutorial before, so forgive me if it's not very clear, but here are the steps I took to create them.

score a strip of paper every 0.5 inch - easy-peasy on my scor-board!

add a piece of scor-tape or other strong adhesive to the ends

it will look like this when the ends are attached together

punch out 2 circles and cover them in strong adhesive.  The medallion gets sandwiched between the 2 circles

embellish it for father's day!

I hope you found my little tutorial helpful!  I love the look of a whole bunch of these medallions, in all different sizes, acting as the focal point at a party or wedding, even!  Stay tuned tomorrow - I'll show you how to make a 5-point star.

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  1. I'll be back for the star! ;) These are great... your tutorial was perfect!