Monday, June 13, 2011

Countdown to Father's Day!

I don't know what happened this weekend.  I tried to make a card.  I tried to make several cards.  And each time, I either messed something up (at the end, so that most of the card had to be scrapped) or else I stood back, looked at it, and thought: "what in the heck is this?" (and not in a good way...)

And then, I shifted gears.  Father's Day.  It's just another excuse to shower our good men with love, banners, decorations and sweet goodies.  I'm in.  I don't know what it is about switching to "party mode" but I started making things like nobody's business.  Sooooo, I'm dubbing this week "MAN WEEK".

To kick things, off - here's the card I made for my own papa.  My dad is Greek, so we don't call him Dad, Father, Pops, Papa or anything like that.  He's been Babaki or Ba to me for 30-some-odd years now and that's not about to change :)  Ba means "dad" in Greek (obviously, you got that one), and Babaki is an affectionate way of saying it... "little daddy."

I know I wrote d-a-d on the outside of this card (something funny looking about a big B-A) but there'll be a more familiar greeting inside.

I cased this card from the little blue room.  I don't have the exact link, but browse around Rachel's blog - you'll get lost for a good little while :)

The stoplight was made with various punches - nothing complicated - and highlighted with a white gel pen.  

The handwriting is awful, right?  But I really wanted to make this card personal - so I chicken scrawled "you've taught me so much on the road of life..."  

Stay tuned tomorrow for the father's day card I made my hubby (note to self, ask him to stay away from this blog for the remainder of the week...)

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  1. I've been perusing your blog today and stumbled on this card. Had to leave a comment to let you know I enjoy your blog as well.