Saturday, June 11, 2011

Woodland party show&tell...

I was trying to put labels on my posts (I just now, this morning, figured out how to do that - you'd think with a computer guy for a husband, I'd be able to better navigate all this blog stuff, but no.  And btw, honey, if you're reading, sorry I called you a "computer guy" - I know what you do for a living, I really do) when I realized that I gave you 3 lead-up posts to my baby's 1st birthday party with no final show & tell.  For shame, right?

If you missed the previous posts, I made some woodland party hats here and made a stuffed hedgehog here.  I also set the tone with an invitation here.

The par-tay was in early May... so, some 6 weeks later - here are some snippets of what was created for Maia's big day!

1. felt trees (stamped with PTI's woodgrain set!) holding up month-by-month shots of Maia's first year on a "clothesline"
2. stuffies made for each of my kids and each of my sister's kids (the hedgehog was edged out of the picture...)
3. butterfly mobile, hung from out chandelier
4. pom-pom garland, and some original woodland prints

1. strawberry shortcake, with gnomies on top
2. crepe paper garland (if you want to make one, check out this link)
3. table centerpiece
4. paper-napkin flowers (make one by checking out this tutorial)

1. party hats and gingham bow-ties
2. my woodland fox
3. cheeky birthday girl!
4. my lovelies - all decked out for the party

I wish I had gotten more photos - there are a few banners that never even saw the lens of my camera... and those smores on a stick... oh well - I have a pinterest photo somewhere to remind me!

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a sweet little family you have.

    I am curious about those stuffed owls you have in the top right picture. Did you make or buy them? Any info would be appreciated. My youngest daughter is an owl fanatic, and I would love to either buy them or make them with her this summer.

  2. Hi Joyce! thank you so much for your sweet comments! I pm-d you on the PTI forums about how I made the owl stuffies... and with an avatar like that, I was sure someone at your house was an owl fanatic :)

  3. This whole thing is incredible! I experienced a few feelings of "mom inadequacy" when I saw all of this... seriously SO creative and polished! I especially {love} the pictures of your sweet family in the matching party hats, bow ties, etc. Now, when you say "original woodland prints" are you telling me you MADE them? Because - WOW!