Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fly away - large baby card.

The hubs asked me to create a card that some 30 people could sign in congratulations of his boss' new baby boy.  It measures 6x10inches - you can tell how big by the size of that onesie shape on the front!

It's a fairly simple card, but I added some little touches to give it a special something: the stitching, the 3 black brads along the bottom of the onesie, and the popped-up plane and banner.  The stamped circle in the middle of the onesie is from "tag its #2."  It didn't show up in the photos, but I used the grid-lines cardstock for the onesie - it adds some subtle interest...

Thanks for looking!


  1. This looks great, Elena! I love your stitching!

  2. The brads do it for me. And the photos, too. Great documentation!

  3. How fun is this?? I love the big onesie with that plane flying over! Great card!