Monday, September 26, 2011

a handmade Christmas, part 1.

I mentioned in Friday's post that I would be attempting to make each of my 3 kids their own black apple doll for Christmas.  And that I would be starting this weekend.  For some reason, writing it on the blog was just the kick in the pants that I needed to get started :)

This sweet, little guy is for my sweet, little guy.  For the record (and to ease my husband's conscious), if I didn't also have 2 girls who would be opening their dolls on Christmas morning, I probably wouldn't be making one for Thomas... so let's just call it a "sidekick" or "little buddy."  Ha!

So this is the first of 3 dolls, and I hope to share each of them with you as I go along... hopefully each one will be an improvement on the last.  This was my very first attempt at sewing something that isn't a square.... or rectangle...

Can you spot the PTI die I used?

So cute, right?  He has his own little elephant stuffie!  I used PTI's sweet baby die to cut out 2 elephant shapes, stuffed it and stitched it closed.  He's the perfect size to fit right in the crook of my doll's arm...

The tiny elephant is an ode to the other, larger elephant in the room.  That grey elephant has been in our family for all of Thomas' little life.  The four years of wear and tear are starting to show, but I'm hoping Thomas will love this new friend just as well.  They'll be bffs in no time!

awwww!  So now you want to make your own?  It wasn't so hard!  Here's a link to the Martha Stewart site where you'll find a tutorial and a free template:  black apple doll.

Thanks for looking!


  1. this is so adorable!! you did an amazing job!!

  2. Totally agree on this one - it is even better looking in person. And in all honesty, it's a manly doll. In fact, I would submit the doll is a shoe in for the upcoming cartoon - "He-Man the Younger years". Great job El, Thomas is going to love this one!

  3. Great little sidekick for your little guy. I have two boys, (very grown-up, now) and they both had Cabbage Patch "Guys". This little one is just right to stuff in a pocket or under the blanket at bed time. Good use of the little elephant die, too!

  4. This is just so cute. I'm sure it will be well loved.

  5. Isn't it amazing how a verbal committment can get one's butt into gear? Anyway, you did a great job on this little fellow. He looks so huggable. I am sure your son will love it. Looking forward to seeing the other two black apple dolls.

  6. I can hear it now..."Da'ss me...Thomas. And I have my own ewlphent. Wike me, and my own ewlphent. *slurp* I fink it's a good one, mom!" Seriously. Please video tape.

  7. WOW!! Good for you, this "doll" or little buddy is so cute! I love that you made him his own little elephant stuffie. :)

  8. I just came over here from Martha's site. I LOVE your boy doll. I'm expecting my second and want to make a doll for my little boy to help get ready. Now I have inspiration. Thanks!